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Ticket Payment

Online traffic ticket payment is here!

The Branchville Municipal Court can now accept online payments for traffic tickets issued by officers of the Branchville Police Department.

1. You need to know your ticket number.

It's printed at the bottom right corner of your ticket (citation).

Unless it is an extremely old ticket, the ticket number will be a fourteen digit number beginning with the year it was issued and the numbers 03.   

If you cannot find your ticket or ticket number, call the Clerk of Court's office at (803) 274-8000 between 8-12 or 1-5 weekdays.

2. You need to know the Bond Amount of your ticket.

It will be printed in the section labeled "Bond Amount Requested" on the citation.

3. You need to know that your ticket was issued by an officer with the Branchville, South Carolina, Police Department.

Here are some ways to tell:

  • The court time is 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of a month.
  • The issuing officer's name is Clark, Platt, Thompson or Felder. (If it has another name, read paragraph #6 below and call the Clerk of Court at 803-274-8000 during business hours before attempting to pay online.)

The Branchville Municipal Court can only accept payments for tickets issued by Branchville Police officers.

We cannot accept payments for tickets issued by South Carolina Highway Patrol officers, State Transport Police, Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office deputies or any other law enforcement officers, even if the ticket was written within the town limits of Branchville, South Carolina.

It's better to know correctly than to guess incorrectly, so if you are unsure, please call the Clerk of Court's office during business hours.

If you have already paid a ticket that was not issued by the Branchville Police Department, please call the Clerk of Court's office, confirm your current mailing address, and we will refund the payment to your credit card. We cannot forward your payment to another court.

4. You need to know you will have to pay a service fee to pay online.

A third-party vendor processes online credit card payments and charges a service fee of $1 per transaction, plus 1.7 percent of the amount paid.

Your total payment, including the fee, will be clearly displayed before you are asked to confirm the final payment. If you do not wish to pay this fee, cancel the transaction and use another payment method, such as a money order or bank cashier's check, or pay in person with cash.

5. You need to know that you can print out a receipt or have one e-mailed to you, or both.

While you are paying online, you will be asked to enter your email address if you want a receipt emailed to you.

On the next payment screen, there is a box to click if you wish to print a paper copy of your receipt.

Please select one or both options. If necessary, the Clerk of Court's office can provide a receipt, but it will not look like or contain as many details as the receipt issued by the payment processor.

6. You need to know your court date.

If it is still coming up in the future, please proceed.

If it was less than two weeks ago, please proceed.

If it was more than two weeks ago, you can use the online payment service, but please call the Clerk of Court's office. If we have already sent your paperwork to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, we must verify your current mailing address so we can mail you a special document ("NRVC withdrawal form") that you will need to take to a DMV office of your choice to avoid or lift the suspension of your driver's license!


To pay your ticket online, click on the set of credit/debit card icons below:

Credit Card Logos

If you encounter any problems whatsoever, please call (803) 274-8000 between 8-12 or 1-5 weekdays.

Here is another link to the payment site.





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